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Color of Grandma’s Eyes

blue eyed boyMy sister's adult son would drop his young 4-year old son off about 6am so that 'Grandma' could babysit while he was at work.

One such morning, having stayed up quite late the night before, she was still sleeping in bed. The young boy came into her bedroom and stood in front of her.  He gently poked her in the forehead. She opened her eyes to see her grandson standing there illuminated by the bright morning sunlight. The sun hit his face in such a way that it really accentuated his blue eyes.

The day before they had both been working on learning 'colors.'  So she thought this would be a great opportunity to reinforce their previous lesson.

"What beautiful BLUE eyes you have!" she exclaimed. 

She then followed up with the question, "What color are Grandma's eyes?"

He quickly responded, "RED!"