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Padded Bra


yousaidwhatA friend of mine sent me a courtesy copy of an email today that he was sending to his daughters.  The subject line read:

"Info – Padded Bra"

I gotta tell you, being a guy, the subject matter itself peaked my interest.  However, what I read next absolutely shocked me.

Juli, Cari and Sheli.  You all need one of these.



I thought to myself, "Wow! Is this guy stupid?"

No intelligent-thinking man (or one that wishes to remain alive) should ever tell a small-chested woman that she needs a 'padded bra.'

It wasn't until I watched the video clip link he included with his email that everything fell into place for me (pun not intended).  Turns out, the video shows a new concealed gun holster for women that attaches to their bra.

My friend, a strong supporter of personal protection, was encouraging his daughters to buy one of these, not a 'padded bra!'   Context makes all the difference!  I gotta say, this is pretty cool.




How To Get Money Out Of Your Pastor‏


How To Get Money Out Of Your Pastor‏

pickpocketThis was the title of the email I received from the magazine 'Church Production.' I thought to myself, now there's a provocative title. It intrigued me enough to click on the link.

I read with eager anticipation the strategies I might gain by reading the article. I should have known better, based on the magazines title and content. It wasn't an article on how to make your pastor your own personal ATM machine, but rather had to do with budgeting and getting funding for a/v equipment upgrades.

Pastor, you may rest easy and be assured that your wallet is safe…for now….



Where is Everybody?


tumbleweekIt was about 9:45am and I went outside to put a letter in the mailbox. I looked up and down the street in both directions and it seemed strangely quiet, i.e., no cars, no people, no birds tweeting.

Definitely not normal for this time of the morning. I stood there waiting for a little longer, but still absolutely no activity in the neighborhood.

Someone had parked a car in front of my house. As I passed by it on my way to the mailbox, I glanced into the window of the car. There on the passenger's side, was a book whose title was facing me. The title:  "Left Behind"  !!!

Being a bit melodramatic, I place both hands to my cheeks, hear Twilight-Zone type dissonant music in my head, and scream, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo"