I’m Gonna Die!

Fearing that his ailing father had little time left on earth, my friend and his wife visited him at the hospital. As they entered the room, they noticed that dad was wearing an oxygen mask to help him breathe. As they gathered closer to the bed, they heard him mutter, “I’M GONNA DIE!”

Trying to provide comfort, they leaned in and said, “It’s okay dad. It happens to all of us.”

Increasingly irritable, the father began to speak louder with a sense of exasperation, “No, it’s too short! It’s not long enough! There’s nothing more on the other side! This is all there is! There isn’t any more!”

My friend responded, “Dad, that’s not true. This isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. There’s more on the other side….more than you can possibly imagine!”

It was about then they noticed the old man tugging on his oxygen tube.

Once more the father spoke out, “It’s not long enough. It doesn’t even reach the bathroom!”

They then began laughing hysterically as they realized he was talking about the short length of the oxygen tube, not his life.

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