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Someday Dad, I wanna ….

boy thinkingWe’re eating breakfast together. It’s somewhat quiet. Pretty much all you can hear is the crunch of the cereal. All of a sudden my son blurts out (as though he’s given a good deal of thought to what he’s about to say), “You know, Dad, someday I’m going to climb to the very top of a small mountain to watch the sunrise!”

“Huh?” I’m thinking to myself somewhat taken back.

Then, realizing what he just said, and no doubt considering the amount of effort that would be exerted to accomplish such a task, he revised his statement, “…perhaps a small hill!”

“That’s great, son!” I responded. “Your goals should never exceed your grasp.”

I continued, “Strive for mediocrity, son. You’ll go ‘high places’ with that attitude.”

I shook my head sighing as he smiled, stroked his chin, and nodded his head in self-affirmation and satisfaction of his future goals.