Apple Cider

apple_ciderPer our tradition after Thanksgiving dinner, our family and guests retire to the living room to talk and enjoy hot spiced apple cider.  My son, about 4-5 years old at the time, joined me on my recliner and sat sprawled half on my lap and half on the chair.  It was a little tight for both of us to be on the chair at the same time, but as any father would, I valued his company.

As my family and friends drank our cider and dialogued with each other, my son began to uncomfortably fidget more and more.

"Daddy," he said softly. I ignored him since I was engaged in conversation with others. I picked up my cider from the coffee table beside the chair, took another sip.

"Daddy!" he said a little bit louder.

I don't know about you, but my parents taught me as a child that you don't interupt an adult while they are speaking to another adult. I intended to carry on that instruction with my own children.

"DADDY!!!" he cried out loudly.

Finishing the remaining cider in the cup and being completely annoyed at the interuption, I firmly placed the empty cup with a thud onto the coffee table, turned to my son, looked him straight into the eyes and asked with all the irritation I could muster, "WHAT?!!!"

Everyone in the room stopped talking and their entire focus was on this situation.

"My sock," he gently replied.

"Your sock?" I asked, confused.

"My sock, Daddy."

"What about your sock?"

"It's wet!" he replied.

Now more confused than ever, I asked, "What do you mean your sock is wet??!"

The bottom third of his sock starting at the toes was completely soaked.

"How on earth did your sock get wet while you were sitting on my lap?" I asked with incredulity.

He pointed to my now-empty apple cider cup.

As I realized what just transpired, I nearly gagged!  Everyone in the room laughed uncontrollably.

My wife chimes in, "Need a refill on that cup, honey?"




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