Home from Surgery

When my 82-year mother arrived at home after hospital surgery, she was pleased to see that my father had made up the bed with fresh sheets and blankets. They retired early in the evening to go to bed. Since it was wintertime, their bedroom was a bit cool.

Like many couples, the husband likes his side cooler than the wife. Fortunately, they had an electric blanket with individual controls. Both set their controls to their preferred settings and dozed off to sleep.

During the night, my mother still recovering from surgery, got a bit cold. So she cranked the setting a bit higher.  Dad, like most men, was too warm, so he turned his setting down.  15 minutes later, she still feels chilled, so cranks the setting up really high.   Dad, feeling very uncomfortable and profusely sweating by now turns his control off.  Mom's freezing.

It turns out that while my dad was preparing the bed, he accidently flipped the electric blanket over the wrong way. Each was controlling the other's temperature without knowing it. She cranked it up and his side becomes a suana. He turns his control off, she freezes.

It's hard to blame dad. His heart was in the right place.  After all, he's 91 years old. 


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