Baby, It’s Cold Inside.

[This whimsical banter occured during summer time]

baby it's cold ouitside

Let's face it, all women are COLD!!! They are like addicts, never willing to admit they are one with the problem. It's always someone else with the problem.

"Close the window! It's freezing in here!" she commands.

"Honey," I respond, "it's 78 degrees in here."

"LIAR!!!" she accuses. "That thermostat obviously is broken." 

Reluctantly, I turn up the temperature, mindful of the huge power bill I will receive in the near future.

My son walks into the room, totally unaware of our conversation. She turns her attention to him.

"I'm not the one with the problem! I'm normal!" she screams, as if to convince herself and those around her.

My son looks at me with a quizzical look. We both shrug our shoulders. He continues on, out of the room without saying a word.

Once one woman starts complaining, every other female within 50-100 feet joins in a cacophony of WHINE.

Could be why the band Foreigner released the song, "You're as cold as ice!" Some songs really have a double meaning.

A quick observation reveals she is not wearing any socks, and that she is wearing a thin top and pants. I don't claim to be a genius, but I suggest to her that she might want to put on some socks and a sweater.

"That's not going to help any!" she barks back. "You don't love me. You want me to freeze in this igloo!"

"Men!" she mutters, as she stomps off down the hall. "They are so insensitive to our needs."

I'm left speechless…and sweating.


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