In the Presence of Royalty

kingAfter reading one of my posts [ "Who's On First"], my friend Deborah shared this delightful story:

"Years ago my husband And I were on a harbor dinner cruise for work employees. The director was also there. This director had a reputation for being rather aloof and expected people to treat him like royalty, as if to bow in his presence so to speak.

Well during the cruise, I introduced myself as Peter's wife, and his position as a point of reference. To be more formal I employed proper protocol and shook the director's hand and called him "Mister _______." Evidently the man respected or appreciated the honor (and perhaps also wanted to refute his "royalist" reputation).

He smiled warmly, insisting on me calling him by his first name by simply saying 2 words "Neil, please." (It was too perfect a segue for me to pass up) Considering it a verbal instruction, that's exactly what I did! Suddenly people on the boat began to surround that scene, to see me kneeling before the director!

But what followed was even better. Then the director did something very unexpected. Neil began to kneel too, before me, right there on the boat in front of all those employees! I am probably the only one to ever have brought this man to his knees literally… all because "kneel" and "Neil" are homonyms!


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