Messy Room


"How do you know when your room is too messy?"

Many of you know that I recently moved my business into the bonus room of my house. The room is filled with lots of open boxes yet to unpack and stuff is spread out all over the place. I hear my wife calling from downstairs.

Just as I leave the room and start to take the first step down the stairwell, I hear from behind me a great, prolonged crash of something falling. Since it was a loud crash and sounded like multiple things falling, I stopped quickly, and thought to myself, "Oh my, that doesn't sound good." I turned around and slowly entered the room expecting to instantly see the source of the noise. I glanced to the right, nothing. I glanced to the left, nothing. I looked in the closet, nothing. I looked at the multiple shelves and racks, nothing.

This begs to ask the original question: "How do you know when your room is too messy?"

It's too messy when, because of all the existing crap on the floor, you can't figure out what it was that fell. In reality, everything looks like it fell. How pathetic is that??!! I think it's time to do a little spring cleaning, don't you? :{



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