Padded Bra


yousaidwhatA friend of mine sent me a courtesy copy of an email today that he was sending to his daughters.  The subject line read:

"Info – Padded Bra"

I gotta tell you, being a guy, the subject matter itself peaked my interest.  However, what I read next absolutely shocked me.

Juli, Cari and Sheli.  You all need one of these.



I thought to myself, "Wow! Is this guy stupid?"

No intelligent-thinking man (or one that wishes to remain alive) should ever tell a small-chested woman that she needs a 'padded bra.'

It wasn't until I watched the video clip link he included with his email that everything fell into place for me (pun not intended).  Turns out, the video shows a new concealed gun holster for women that attaches to their bra.

My friend, a strong supporter of personal protection, was encouraging his daughters to buy one of these, not a 'padded bra!'   Context makes all the difference!  I gotta say, this is pretty cool.