Who’s On First?

whosonfirstAbbott and Costello are known for their incredibly funny routine, "Who's On First?"  [see].

I experienced a similar situation yesterday. I was at my sister's house for a 4th of July BBQ. The house sits on a beautiful water inlet. The inlet is narrow, so the homes located on the other side of the inlet are easily seen. A number of us were in the backyard seated on the sundeck enjoying a spectacular fireworks display over the water.

My sister encouages all of us attending to invite friends, so there were a number of people there I did not know. Two gals had arrived late and missed the BBQ, so they ordered home-delivered pizza.  As they walked pass us with their rather large pizza slices in hand, I teasingly asked one of them, "Are you sharin' ??"

She turned around and said, "Yes."

I waited for her to offer some pizza. Instead, she stood there in silence, not moving.

After an awkward pause, I gently coaxed, "Well???"

She cocked her head and looked at me inquistively.

I repeated, "sharin' ??"

"Yes!" she repeated emphatically. 

All of us on the deck looked at each other with confused looks. Almost in unison we all broke out into laughter as the gal continued,  "My name is Sharon!  How did you know my name?"

Once we explained the misunderstanding we all laughed together. She continued on down the beach toward the campfire, pizza slice still in her hand.

As for knowing her name, the name tag on her shirt was a dead give-away.