Where is Everybody?


tumbleweekIt was about 9:45am and I went outside to put a letter in the mailbox. I looked up and down the street in both directions and it seemed strangely quiet, i.e., no cars, no people, no birds tweeting.

Definitely not normal for this time of the morning. I stood there waiting for a little longer, but still absolutely no activity in the neighborhood.

Someone had parked a car in front of my house. As I passed by it on my way to the mailbox, I glanced into the window of the car. There on the passenger's side, was a book whose title was facing me. The title:  "Left Behind"  !!!

Being a bit melodramatic, I place both hands to my cheeks, hear Twilight-Zone type dissonant music in my head, and scream, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo"



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