Where’s a Cop when you need ’em?


Driving could be an enjoyable endeavor if it weren't for all the other idiots driving around you. How many times have you wished, when some clown cuts you off or does something dangerous or stupid, that there was a cop around?

I'm driving to work this morning in a 35mph zone. Peering into the rear view mirror, I see this large SUV (Escalade) quickly bearing down on me. I glance at my speedometer and see that I'm doing about 38mph.

The vehicle is so close, I can see the driver as clear as a person sitting in my back seat. Thinking to myself, "I wonder what his problem is and why he's in such a hurry?"

He's a young guy (late 20's) with his 'fancy smancy' sunglasses. I decide I will not be intimidated and maintain my speed.

"Lucky for him that I'm not driving my truck 'Bad Boy' (quite possibly one of the biggest and baddest trucks on the road)," I mutter to myself.

I turn into the left turn lane to turn onto a 5-lane road (two each way with center turn lane). He follows me as though he is my Siamese twin. As we turn left, I quickly signal and move over to the right-hand lane as he roars past me (no doubt to let me know how I've inconvenienced him).

"Where's a cop when you need one?!!!" I ask.

No sooner than I spoke those words, a police cruiser goes sailing past me with siren and lights flashing. I thought to myself, "He's probably headed to some call and not after the clown that tailgated me like crazy."

To my surprise, he pulls Mr. Fancy Smancy Pants over only a few yards from where my business is. As I turn onto my street, I yell "JUSTICE!!!" (my windows were closed) and chuckle to myself.

Today has started out well…

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