I’m not deaf!!!

not deafMy car has all the bells and whistles.  Most components in the car (radio, navigation, phone, etc.) can be controlled by voice commands. A button must be first pushed to activate the listening mode. The little mic is right above the driver's head. Push the button, issue your command, and wait for the command to be executed. Simple.

My wife and I attended a special birthday party for a friend at a local restaurant. After the party, we left and climbed into the car. I started the car and the GPS display panel lights up. It has two modes, daylight (black text on bright white background) and night time (soft grey text on black background). Since we arrived while it was light outside, the display was still in daylight mode. It was dark now, and the blinding display looked like a flashlight shining back onto our faces.

Just as I was pulling out of the parking lot my wife leans over towards me, and with a very LOUD voice, yells "NIGHT TIME MODE!!!" 

I'm so startled at this unexpected outburst, I nearly lose control of the car.

Recovering from the near accident, ears still throbbing,  I advise her, "A button needs to be pushed before you issue a command!"

"Oh, I thought it was listening all the time." she responds.

"Even if it was," I countered, "it's not deaf !!! You don't have to yell so loud!"

"I just wanted to make sure it heard me loud and clear."

"All you need to do is to speak clearly." I instructed. "Believe me, it will hear you 'loud and clear.'"

I pushed the button and said, "Go ahead…speak."  She spoke. It changed to night-time mode. She settled back into her chair and smiled, obviously pleased with her great accomplishment. My ears are still ringing.


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