We’re having a ‘yummy’ dinner tonight!


Two years ago in early June, I took my dad up fishing to Alaska at Elfin Cove. The King Salmon were supposed to be running, but they were at least 2-3 weeks late. Out of all the 10+ lodges at Elfin Cove, not one person caught a salmon that week (very disappointing).

We were on a second to last day there, when my dad hooked to what appeared about 25-30 lb. King. He had good fight and we could see it jumping out of the water as my dad began to reel it in. Everyone was excited. Not only was he catching a "King," but he would be the only one to have bragging rights.

About 50-100 yards off the boat, the King came up jumping out of the water. It was beautiful to see and just added to the anticipation of a delicious meal that night. Just as he was coming down, a seal appeared out of nowhere and chomped down on the King leaving nothing but a portion of the head dangling off the line!!

Silence fell upon the boat, followed by loud gasps of disbelief from each of us. The Chicken Alfredo we had for dinner that night was mediocre at best.