A Manly Color

The furthering adventures of 'Life with my Wife!"

My wife and I are downstairs early this morning preparing and hanging decorations around as we wait for our son (his birthday is today) to wake up and come downstairs.

"Here," she commands, as she tosses me a package, "blow these up!"

It's a bag of balloons. Not just any balloons, but black balloons. Perceiving that not a lot planning or money was spent on decorations, I said, "These balloons are black! Aren't these left over from your 50th birthday party a few years ago?"

Rather than admit she didn't go out and buy any special color balloons, she began to justify her color choice.

"Black is a 'manly' color. It's just the color it should be!" she instructed me.

After both of us blowing up several of them, I walked over and started to dig through a few bags that she had pulled from the gift paper and decoration cabinet.

"Hey!" I countered, "Here's a bunch of purple balloons," as I pulled them from the bag.

Her back was to me as she was buttering some toast. Not wanting to admit she didn't put the money or time to get any other color, she repeated, "Black is a 'MANLY' color!"   "Purple is NOT a 'MANLY' color!"

As she turned to me with a stern demeanor, she finalized her argument by declaring with authority, "No MAN would choose "PURPLE!!!"

She stopped short, with mouth gaping open. I just so happen to be wearing a purple T-Shirt (Washington Huskies color).

Stuttering, she responded, "Purp….Purple…is…uh..a…purple is a MANLY color as well. It would be great to have you add some purple balloons to the black ones."

I love my wife! Strong in conviction, unbending in resolve!

Shortly, thereafter, my son walks in. His face rubs against a number of long straw-colored yarn pieces that my wife had hung in the doorway that leads into the kitchen (her idea of birthday decorations).

"Oh!" he exclaimed with a puzzled look on his face. He slowly said, "That's in-ter-est-ing…hanging yarn?!!"

Without missing a beat, my wife chimes in, "Yeah! Yarn is MANLY!"

I roll my eyes and remained silent.

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